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PLEASE NOTE: Daedonas is mentioned a lot. This is where the campaign will be taking place, in the Land of Daedonas, which is in the world of Leary Aeron.

New Folk

Are you playing in my game? This section will tell you how to generate a new character.

The Material World

When you make a character, one of the backstory decisions you’ll have to make is what part of Heva your character is from. This section will help you do that.

The Kin

In Heva, some of the standard races have been moved into the background, some have re-jiggered cultural assumptions and some races from the various monster manuals have been moved up in importance. This section covers all that.

How Do You Roll

All your basic 4E classes exist in Daedonas, but as with races, the flavor text that explains how they work has changed. This section covers that. Also, I may or may not introduce new experimental material when it’s ready to play. That’ll be found in this section as well.

Daevas In The Details

Look in this section to find all the little details about Heva. Things like history, culture, magic and the supernatural, religious faith and the like.

Gallery Of Rogues

All the players that have ever been in a Heva game will have their place in this section. You’ll also be able to see re-curring NPC’s as well. This will hold all the links for those mentioned above.

Legends Of The Folk

This will hold the links to all of the Adventure Log Posts.

Main Page

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